How to quickly add 5000 friends on Facebook

How to quickly add 5000 friends

Quickly add many friends on Facebook is very easy with popular service "Mass add email".

You no longer have to spend much time to find your friends. Just a few simple steps and you will see how your friends are becoming more and more.

Let's look more how it works...

Go to page: You will see next page:
facebook add friends

You must first login on Facebook to start searching your future friends. Just click "Login with Facebook" button.

After successfully logged you will see the next:facebook invite friends

Please note the label inlist. This means that other users can also invite your to be friends. If you do not want to receive invitations to friends just click on inlist label what will appear notinlist which means that others can not invite you to friendship on Facebook using "Mass add email".

In the next step you can choose:

  • how many to add friends. We recommend you first add 100 friends.

Remember: Facebook does not like unnatural user activity. So if you just created your account on Facebook is not recommended to add at once many friends to avoid possible temporary:

- restrict access to some functions,

- ask for verify your mobile number,

- or block your Facebook account.

  • Next you can choose gender of users who will get invitations to be friends on Facebook.
  • Next select timezone, locale and country into which will be sent an invitation to be friends on Facebook.

When specified search criteria of friends just click on "Generate":
facebook tips and tricks

 List generated! Copy the list and go to next step to invite friends: 

generate list of peoples

In next step click on button "Invite friends":

invite friend tip

You will be redirected to the Facebook page to invite friends. Just insert the copied list and in message blok write "Mass add top". Click "Invite Your Friends": 

mass add tip and tricks facebook

The invitation to be a friends was sent: 

send invations to be a friendEnjoy using and remember that if your account on Facebook is only created don't send too many invitation at once to avoid possible lock your Facebook account.

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