How to use fake email address or Temporary Email

make fake email

What is fake email or Temporary Email?

It's free mailbox ready to receive letters. It work without registration. You will see your message automatically immediately when it goes to the server. There are many such services, but we want to tell you about the best: - service.



Advantages of is: 

  • Unlimited mailboxes. You can use as many email accounts as you need.
  • Messages keep unlimited time. Messages on temporary emails are stored on the server until someone deletes them.
  • No need passwords. You don't need to register new mailboxes. Mailbox is created automatically when on it comes a letter.
  • Don't need to remember address. You don't need to register new mailboxes. Mailbox is created automatically when on it comes a letter.
  • Privacy. Letters have come to the mailbox publicly available and at any time you or someone else can remove any messages.
  • Hide from the sender. Sender don't know your real ip address and your location. This is convenient to register on sites and create multi accounts.
  • Support multi-language messages. Fake email service display messages of any language.
  • Spam block. You tired of spam in your main inbox? Then use service to protect yourself from Spam.
  • Speed and automation. You don't need to wait too much time to get a letter, a letter will appear on your screen at once.

How to use fake email address with

Using service is very easy. You go to main page and see your ready mailbox waiting for new messages:

fake email account

Try to use it just click on copy button and send test message on this address. You will see how quickly your sended message will loaded to this page automatically. Temporary email addresses on supports over twenty domains as optional, you can choose any of your choice.

fake facebook email

How to check a fake email address?

To receive message in temporary email you don't need have opened page. You can view your messages at any time just select Recent email or type your mail in the browser address bar like

Here - domain, my-email - name of your mailbox (

For notes:

You don't need every time copy new email adress. You can choose any names to all posible on domains. For example: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and then to view the received letter typing in the browser

make fake email

With you can register on sites and create multiple accounts. 

Temporary Email

This is important: Considering that your email can view anybody on the Internet, we recommend that all personal information immediately remove.

How to use a fake email for facebook?

We decided to show you how the fake email (temporary email) work on example registration a new account on Facebook. Watching the video you will see some new features of using the service

How it work see on Video

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