Facebook friend request
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Facebook friend request

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manage Facebook friend request

You have sent or received Facebook friend request, but do you know what actions you can do with them? Send friend requests, see friend requests that was sent, pending friend requests, remove or cancel a friend request, hidden friend requests and not only you can see here

view Facebook friend request

You can see the history of sent requests, send reminder or remove not received invitations. Click here to view email friends requests history

accept at once all Facebook friend request

You have many friends - it's very good. But to click on each friend request does not want. Did you know that you can confirm all requests with one click? Confirm friends requests all at once you can here

Send 5000 Facebook friend requests

Having many friends is really cool. You can with just a few simple steps add real friends. If you want get more friends go here

Top Facebook tips and tricks

Facebook is a progressive social network that develops every day. Latest tips and tricks like register facebook account without phone number, invite all your friends: to like some page, to event, to group ...

About using Facebook and not only you can see here