How to view sent requests on Facebook and manage them

how to friend request

You have sent a friend request but do not know who else did not confirm them.

Read in this article:

- how to view sent friend requests;

- how to cancel sent friend requests;

- and what other actions can be done with friend request...

In order to see all sent friends requests you must go to Facebook, simply clicking the following button:

View sent friends requests on Facebook

Here you will see all requests that are sent but not yet confirmed:

facebook tips and tricks

If you click on the button "Friend Request Sent" you will see the following menu:how to cancel request

Here available to you:

  • Get Notifications
  • Close Friends
  • Acquaintances
  • Add to another list...
  • Suggest Friends...
  • Cancel Request

Try using the available functions and read how you can delete all not accepted email friend requests at once. 

Video manual

All about Facebook friend request you can see on the main Facebook friend request page

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