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write note online

Every day we need to save some information. For this we use notepad, diary or just a peace of paper. We write here some information and later I think many of us are faced with the problem to find this notes or this peace of paper. Sometimes happens that information is lost forever. Today to help us save important informations come online notepad service which have many advantages over paper notes. Simple and quickly you can write your online note into online notepad and later you will have access to your note at any time and from everywhere.

So, which online notes service to choose?

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make fake email

What is fake email or Temporary Email?

It's free mailbox ready to receive letters. It work without registration. You will see your message automatically immediately when it goes to the server. There are many such services, but we want to tell you about the best: - service.

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We want to tell you about where to get new millions of free email addresses without validity.

This service is called



With this service no more problems with e-mail, you can now get so many emails as you need to without any restrictions. now register at the site has become much simpler

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Facebook Tips and Tricks

Did you see

Have you seen new amazing trick of Facebook page?

You go to Facebook page and all on that you hover your mouse starts falling. It is called Facebook gravity.

You can take with mouse any object and throw it in different directions or kick the other blocks.

It is interesting and fun to play with Facebook buttons. We recommend you to try.

There are no viruses or other malware. It is safe and is designed specifically for entertainment.

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Facebook Tips and Tricks

How to make
Say Thanks
video on

In this article you can see full instruction about excellent application developed by Facebook called the Say Thanks and on examples we consider all the details of how to make say thank you video for your friends. About features of each themes and how to make Facebook say thanks only for selected friends see here.

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Facebook Tips and Tricks

How to post
a blocked
link on

Facebook blocked links to your website or you can't post some link's because there are blocked - don't worry, with our tips you can easily post or share your links. Facebook users frequently can see message that you can't post this because it has a blocked link. The content you're trying to share includes a link that Facebook security systems detected to be unsafe. Before we described How to check is link blocked by Facebook. But if you see Facebook message that your link is blocked then we recommend using our tip.

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Facebook Tips and Tricks


Here you can easily check how many people liked or shared any web page on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks.

Using "Social share checker", you can easily check the popularity of any page in particular the number of likes and shares on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin and others. You can easily compare the popularity of different links at once in all social networks and easy track changes in popularity of pages

To check link popularity, write them separated by commas in the box and click "Check":

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Facebook Tips and Tricks

Video manual
How to create
facebook account
without phone

This video manual to the article "How to create facebook account without phone number" show you how Step by Step with our Tips and Tricks sign on Facebook without a phone number ...

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Mass add email Read manual Video manual Statistics FAQ
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Facebook Tips and Tricks

if link
by Facebook

How to check if a site is blocked by Facebook?

Facebook often blocks sites and url links that he thinks can be harmful.
Check which sites or if link blocked by Facebook is very easy with online Facebook checker. If you see Blocked this means that Facebook has blocked this site and you can not use it with Facebook ... share a link

To check if the url or link blocked by Facebook, write them separated by commas in the box and click "Test links":

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Facebook Tips and Tricks

Video manual
How to invite
all friends
to like
Facebook page

We have prepared a video manual to the article "How to invite all your friends to like Facebook page."

Better to see once than to read many times. Here you can see how it works.

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logo fiaftg

One of the main ways to unite many people around some interest is the creation of thematic groups. Sometimes people using Facebook for business of creating groups and then to help you will approach our tips and tricks.

When we create a new group Facebook asks us who of my friends will be added to the group. We are able to choose our friends by name but when we have 5000 friends and would like to invite all at once we are faced with problem of how to do it. 

For you we have made a simple manual with which you add all your friends to the group on facebook only a few steps...

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invite friends

You have an interesting event on Facebook and want to quickly invite all your friends.

But how to select all friends at once?

To click check boxes if you have 5000 friends takes a long time so it is not for us. We care about our readers and in this article we will tell you tips and tricks how to do this easy and quickly.

Use our invite all code to select all friends at once and send the invitation. Let's start ...

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how to friend request

You have sent a friend request but do not know who else did not confirm them.

Read in this article:

- how to view sent friend requests;

- how to cancel sent friend requests;

- and what other actions can be done with friend request...

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How to view email friends requests history on Facebook

You have quickly add many friends on Facebook with service "Mass add email" but do not know who else did not confirm them.

It is very easy with our tips.

Read here how to view a list of sent email invitations and how to manage invitations.

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How to accept all friends at once

If you have many pending friend requests on Facebook

you can click them all manually by spending a lot of time to confirm them all 

or you can confirm friends requests all at once with our tips and tricks ...

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how to invite all friends new code

We updated the code to invite all your friends.

The new code works with updated box invitations on Facebook.

Invite all your friends to like your page or any other page is still very easy.

With this tips, you can quickly raise the rating.

We tell you how to invite your friends by using several simple tips and tricks...

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How to quickly add 5000 friends

Quickly add many friends on Facebook is very easy with popular service "Mass add email".

You no longer have to spend much time to find your friends. Just a few simple steps and you will see how your friends are becoming more and more.

Let's look more how it works...

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What is CookieSwap?

cookies swap

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If you need use a site with multiple users on one internet browser (computer) you have to remember about the information you provide to a Web site. Such information often comes in the cookies.

Remember that many sites prohibit manage multiple accounts on the same Computer. So to hide active multiple accounts you need to clean cookies or change them (How to change cookies can be found here).

if you do not clean or change cookies you may lose access to your accounts and can be locked for use of the site (for example such as Facebook)

In this article you will know what is a cookie and different ways of how to delete cookies.

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